Welcome to the Website on Borders in Central Asia! I have just stolen a [from a good friend of mine] the link to a very good soviet cartoon dating back to 1983 called Conflict. It starts with setting up borders and conflicting on borders, and ends with mutual destruction…

This blog is devoted to the issue of Central Asian Borders. The aim of the blog is to explore the nature, concept, policy and perceptions of borders in Central Asia.

This blog also intends to explore other concepts like:

Region – is Central Asia perceived as a region? by whom?

Security – borders are usually perceived as an area of threat and are highly militarise and securitised

Identity – question of borders usually raises a question of identities. do hard borders influence the self-identification process in Central Asia? national identity vs. regional identity is another question which this blog is interested to explore.

Integration – or cooperation, does it mean artificial borders should disappear? who needs borders in Central Asia? what are the functions of border? do they hault or foster integration? does anyone need integration in CA?

Nationhood – borders are also a strictly state-centric in Central Asia, while discussing borders the argument is always about territoriality of the state and nationhood.



  1. Great blog! Thank you very much for an ingotmative blogging. Keep it up. All the best

  2. Классный блог! Успехов!

  3. Thank you very much,
    Very nice and interesting blog,

    All the best

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