Posted by: Borderless Borderguard | June 11, 2008

rejecting one’s identity

In a Turkish shop

Me: Bonjour, un melon

Her: 1,95 euro

ME: teshekkurler (thanks)

Her: Turkmisin? (are you a Turk?)

Me: No, I am from Uzbekistan

Her: Ah Uzbaekistan, Uzbek?

Me: Evet, amma, Tajik (Yes, but Tajik)

Her: Tajik? (puzzled)

Me: Fors (Persian as language)

Her: Fors…? (pause) Non. Turk

I smiled. She is sure all the people living on that part of the world are Turks. No matter what you say, you are a turk for her. It was amusing. I think she was never there, and she has never seen how ‘colourful’ and diverse we are, even among Uzbeks, Tajiks and others.

But no need to go to a Turkish shop in Europe to hear people rejecting your identity, plenty of them do it in Uzbekistan too, even on TV, in pseudo-scientific books too. I met a couple of fellow Tajiks, non-accidentally, i assume, they all have been through Turkish-brainwash-lyceums, who believe there is no such an ethnicity as Tajik, that identities based on it are false and based on ignorance. Since they are the ones who know the truth, their brother from abroad shared this truth with him. They tell me: We are just Turks who lost their language, as we lived under oppression of Persian rulers, moreover Persian was more fashionable those days. But in the last six centuries the rulers of Central Asian city-states were members of various Turkish tribes, and they spoke perfectly Persian to communicate with their peoples. Why should ‘we’ be forced to speak Persian under the Turkish rulers? If you traveled a lot in Uzbekistan and have seen many towns and villages, you must know that one can find some villages in the middle of nowhere where people still speak their Persian language (very often it is their first and only language). They have various dialects in different villages and different cities. When Bukhrian Tajik and Samarkandi Tajik come together they laugh about differences and dialects of each other. The same can be said about diverse dialects of Uzbek, (Kazakhi dialect in Tashkent, Turkmen dialect in Khorezm, Tajik dialect in the south, and pure or high-Uzbek in Fergana Valley, but this is just a general division, there are many more dialects, Uzbeks in Dzhizzak speak a different dialect than the Uzbeks of Kashkadarya).



  1. Thank you very very much!

    The posting is amazing and your logics is so strong.

    Wish you all the best.

  2. В закладках на один блог больше, спасибо за то, что мы с вами 🙂

  3. “Turkish-brainwash-lyceums” that’s so true.

  4. Действительно прикольный блог! Спасибо огромное и… разумеется, пишите еще!

  5. Да уж… Жизнь – она как вождение велосипеда. Чтобы сохранить равновесие, ты должен двигаться.

  6. Админ, ты долго этот пост писал? Жутко хочется узнать….

  7. Увлекательно! Спасибо за статью.

  8. Я тоже иногда такое вижу, но как-то ранее не придавал этому никакого значения.

  9. Довольно занятная запись. Добавил Ваш ресурс в избранное.

  10. Ну, как сказать, понравилось конечно:) Хотя я все равно почти ничего не понял. 🙂

  11. Жесть. Иногда такое бывает, что хоть стой хоть падай.

  12. Хорошо написано, надо будет скинуть ссылочку товарищам, чтобы и они оценили вашу статью.

  13. Оригинальная идея. Интересно сколько времени он на это потратил

  14. Здраствуйте, я создал трекер очень нужна Ваша обєктивная помощь и оценка.

  15. Здравствуйте,Админ, я по поводу вашего домена и сайта…писал вам на почту,ответа нету.
    Если вам интересно напишите мне на мейл. жду!

  16. Thanks,
    Nice subject to think, but what to do, how to fight?

  17. Actually, Tajiks of Samarkand and Bukhara did not become Uzbeks, they still speak in tajik which is one of the dialects of the Persian language, and their race is persian and so is mine.

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