Posted by: Borderless Borderguard | January 19, 2008

on terrorism…

I got inspired by the blog I read here, The New Afghanistan after the years of War. The young man seems to be very passionate about what he writes. He longs for peace in Afghanistan, and does not wish it to be used by all other powers to play their battles on the land of Afghans. As all those fighting powers, Taliban or American led liberating troops are foreign, and unfortunately quite destructive, at time, for the Afghan people.
The blogger writes about what it means to be a true Mujaheed, and about the true Islam forbidding any bloodshed. There is so much wrong about the war against terrorism. People in Afghanistan keep dying. Former Taliban keep being appointed as chief or sitting in the parliament.

Irinnews reports that over 140 people died and dozens were injured in the beginning of winter. People in Afghanistan are dying from Taliban’s weapon, from Western led troops’ weapons, people are dying from cold, lack of food and domestic violence, abuse of drugs and many more absurd reasons… The trucks with food, as foreign aid couldn’t reach settlements with people in need because they got stuck on the snowy roads… In the war it is very easy to die of absurd trivialities.

Isn’t it more intelligent to empower the people of Afghanistan, let them be strong, let them educate themselves, and give them room for establishing their own society, strong enough not to let any destructive forces misuse their land as battlefield?


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