Posted by: Borderless Borderguard | November 15, 2007

The Power Of The Word

“They will say we are involved in politics, and then they will eliminate not only us, but  our whole families”. (my translation from Russian, source:

Very intersting, if people think they will be punished for getting involved in politics, when on earth there will be a civil society or democracy in Uzbekistan?!

once: people were speaking in the marshrutka (a mini bus, Samarkand) about raising prises for everything, their worries.A woman whispered: it has to do with the coming elections. A man beside her said: we don’t wish to speak about politics.  then the driver turned on the radio, and people were silent.

The Power of a Word

The word Human Rights and Democracy to many ordinary people, not authorities, but maybe them as well, sounds like politics, meaning anti-governmental, so better keep aside and don’t pronounce these words. Why do they think that these words are anti-governmental? Why does government support this stereotype?

If Human Rights is something political, if rising prises is something political, political meaning anti-governmental, anti-governmental meaning taboo and life-threatening, how can the population be politically active? How can one expect people to take initiative in social, religious and other issues, because all these issues should be solved politically.

Politics is obviously a very well guarded territory where people of the country have no access to. Moreover it is for the many seen the same like crime,  if people enter political territory, they are being criminals.


Neither professors, nor students, nor their parents wish to research on political issues. Write something about cultures, weddings, literature of the 11th century, about sports, but not politics.



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