Posted by: Borderless Borderguard | October 20, 2007

New stage of Turkmen-Uzbek relations

Almost a year past since the president of Turkmenistan died, and since “his dentist” replaced him. Almost a year past since that shocking news about everlasting Turkmenbashi passing away. Thursday this week Uzbekbashi (head of Uzbek nation) paid a visit to the new Turkmenbashi (head of Turkmen nation). Thursday they had their first bilateral meeting. Interestingly, countries which have common borders need almost the whole year to come together for a bilateral talk, while countries like US, and leaders of the European Union were faster in doing so.

Two presidents discussed expansion of trade, transporting of Turkmen gas through Uzbek territory to Russia as well as plans to build a new pipeline leading to China through Uzbekistan.

President Karimov uses every chance to make it clear, that regional security is a number one priority, but there is some still room also for trade. Here look what Peter writes about it.

I think the term security, which became madly fashionable in international politics, is seen very narrowly. It is like the word terrorism, which has a magic power, but has a very vague definition, if it has any. Usually when saying “security” “threat” is meant. Security issues are radical islam, terrorism, war and drug-trafficking. None of them are secure in nature, they are actually “threats”. Usually security implies something military in nature, which is supposed to combat terrorism, drug-smuggling and other regional threats. In my opinion, rising prices, continuous social insecurity, illegal labour migration, corruption, limited resources and weak institutions pose a larger threat to the societies and states of Central Asian region.



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