Posted by: Borderless Borderguard | July 25, 2007

where does the border start?

Where does the border start? One of the professors in a conference at CEPS, Brussels, said Border starts there, where border management starts.

Where does border management start then?

Embassy? Aeroport? Train station or train? somewhere i read the term Mobile Borders, because their management starts long before and very far from their physical location. People who travel by plane, might have never seen the actual border, but experienced border management. Visa, passport checks, security check… these all entail border management, which is also called migration management.  In order to get to Prague I had to apply for Czeck visa; in order to apply i had to travel to Germany twice. it is interesting that one has to pay usually both for ordinary visa and for transit visa.

have to get packed, and leave Belgium for Germany…

to be continued…



  1. Hi,
    hope you had a nice journey to Ferghana valley. Here is another useful link for this web Centre for International Borders Research

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